Visualizing The Beatles is written by John Pring and Rob Thomas, two lifelong friends from the small English city of Hereford. 

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John Pring and Rob Thomas met at school when they were 11 years old, and have been firm friends, collaborators and business partners ever since. The pair started a small music design outfit in Brighton in 2006, working with Club NME, Rock Against Racism and numerous high profile bands and festivals. 

In 2010, they set up Designbysoap Ltd, a content development agency specializing in information design and infographics. The agency has since grown into one of the UK's most prominent creative agencies, working with major national and international brands including Google, Yahoo, IBM, The United Nations, The Bank Of England, Sony, Ford, Nissan, GE and scores of others. 

Today, John and Rob continue to run their successful agency, and are in the process of launching another company aimed at helping entrepreneurs set up and run their own business. They are also hard at work planning the promotion and marketing of Visualizing The Beatles, and planning the next iteration in their information design series. 

John pring

John is an entrepreneur, designer, writer, poet and musician. He has degrees in Professional Musicianship from the University of Sussex, and Film and Television from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. As well as running Designbysoap Ltd with Rob, John also runs a popular poetry account on Instagram under the name AnotherEnglishPoet, and is currently working on a bespoke poster series which he plans to launch on Kickstarter later this year. 

Rob thomas

Rob is an entrepreneur, designer and cryptocurrency investor. He has a degree in Product Design from the University of Bournemouth. As well as being a director of Designbysoap Ltd, Rob is a new father and a serial investor in cryptocurrency, managing a varied and impressive portfolio in an industry where he was an early adopter.